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Welcome to Ask Julie Anything, a #safespace where ELLE.com’s Senior Beauty & Fitness Editor Julie Schott answers questions about beauty, fitness, food, butts, flesh-eating skin diseases, traumatic haircuts, and more. DM her your acne pics @julie_schott or Tweet a rash @jr_schott.Hey Julie! I (happily) inherited my mom’s big butt, and have always been thankful it’s stayed cellulite-free. One thing I didn’t anticipate was cellulite creeping up anywhere else. In the last year I’ve started to notice faint traces of it above my knees and on the back of my thighs. What can I do to prevent this/treat what I already have? Also, any quick fixes you’d recommend to minimize noticing it this summer? – Continue Reading BelowAt age 37, Kate Moss walked for Louis Vuitton fall 2011-12 with a cigarette and a very human backside. The antithesis of a hard, gleaming Victoria’s Secret Angel, Moss doesn’t log three-a-days or follow the Passler plan leading up to a runway appearance. Instead jensarentzen.dk , she carries on with her DGAF lifestyle, and collects her LVMH check just the same. #Goals. (Still, she took a lot of crap for it.)With Moss in mind, I prefer a moderate approach to cellulite reduction. And since moderation isn’t for everyone, I’ve created a dimple-diminishing timeline: If you’re getting naked tonight:Smooth on an oil and give your legs a massage. It’s proven to reduce dimples and I’ve noticed a slight difference immediately after a vigorous session. Or try lymphatic drainage: the French are ahead of the game with this technique, so have a look at this sexy Clarins video. If you’re wearing a bikini tomorrow:And your skin is on the fair side…the quickest way to disguise the look of ripples is to apply self-tanner before bedtime. I like these Somerville360 Body Tanning Towelettes because they’re big enough for your whole body, they’re streak-proof, and they don’t smell like rotisserie chicken. They’re fantastic. If you’re gunning for a spot on the Victoria’s Secret runway:New York City dermatologist and ELLE beauty genius Joshua Zeichner, MD recommends a multi-pronged approach to „keep the girdle strong and hold in the fat.” Ugh, Girdle. Cellulaze, an in-office treatment, works to break apart fibers between cellulite bundles. Thermage and Ulthera also improve the look of skin by stimulating collagen and releasing the connective tissue bands that create dimples. At home, topical products with retinol prada replica handbags , antioxidants, peptides, and niacinamide all stimulate collagen, which helps to make dimples appear less visible. Zeichner likes Strivectin Tightening Body Cream and Skinceuticals Body Firming Concentrate. There’s another class of topicals designed to get rid of the fat itself, made with methylxanthines or caffeine, which helps the body break down fat. Nivea Skin Firming and Toning Gel Cream contains carnitine, a metabolite that helps turn fat into energy. „Carnitine is a molecule used to transport fat components into the cell’s powerhouse, the mitochondria. Inside the mitochondria they are turned into energy to fuel the cell. In this way, carnitine enhances fat breakdown into energy,” Zeichner says, but he also emphasizes that there are no topical miracle fixes.Which brings us back to Moss’s Louis Vuitton look: The best dimpled-leg fix is a pair of tiny shorts, (a cigarette, if you so choose), and a no f*cks given attitude.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast – Cellulite Treatments That Work

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